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2014-2015 season
44 winning top picks from 152 races
29.0% strike rate | 8.3% profit to star stakes
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2014-2015 season
26 winning quinellas from 152 races

17.1% strike rate | 59.6% profit to level stakes
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2014-2015 season
14 winning exactas from 152 races

9.2% strike rate | 101.0% profit to level stakes
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What you get with racing tips

Tips per week

  • Each week our tipping team covers two Saturday metropolitan race meetings – Flemington and Randwick on Saturday 4 October.
  • They select their top two picks in each race.
  • We email their selections to you 10-20 minutes before each race.

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Why last minute is important

  • By Friday night our tipping team has analysed the fields in great detail.
  • On Saturday morning they incorporate more information, including overnight scratchings, jockey changes and weather forecasts.
  • On Saturday afternoon they factor in crucial last-minute information, including race patterns, track conditions, yard reports and market movements.
  • They finalise their picks 10-20 minutes before each race and we email their selections to you instantly.

Winning picks

Winning. Charlie Sheen has stopped using it as a hashtag in his tweets but never will it fall out of favour with racing punters. Our tipping team leaves no stone unturned in its search for winners, analysing every runner in every race across two Saturday metropolitan race meetings, doing everything from analysing pedigrees and watching videos to developing speed maps and comparing form lines. Our results speak for themselves. Here are our latest winning picks.

Best win
14/09/27Sandown Hill3KhutulunWinner8.1
14/09/27Sandown Hill1KakanuiWinner3.2
14/09/27Rosehill6Rock SturdyWinner4.1
14/09/27Rosehill5Shoot To WinWinner4.1
14/09/27Rosehill2Deane MartinWinner7
14/09/20Randwick6Sacred FallsWinner4.3
14/09/20Caulfield9Trust In A GustWinner2
14/09/13Rosehill3Turquoise KingWinner7.1
14/09/13Rosehill2Cleansing AleWinner6.5
14/09/13Moonee Valley7DissidentWinner2.7
14/09/13Moonee Valley6Rich EnuffWinner6.2
14/09/13Moonee Valley5Commanding JewelWinner2.7
14/09/06Randwick1Foreign PrinceWinner2.6
14/09/06Moonee Valley8St JeanWinner3.7
14/09/06Moonee Valley6TawteenWinner4.8
14/09/06Moonee Valley4Wrotham HeathWinner2.8
14/09/06Moonee Valley3CavekaWinner3.3
14/08/30Rosehill4Maroon BayWinner4.2
14/08/30Caulfield4Late ChargeWinner5.5
14/08/23Randwick8Diamond OasisWinner7.1
14/08/23Randwick4Bring Me The MaidWinner1.85
14/08/23Randwick3Scissor KickWinner8.1
14/08/23Randwick1Rock SturdyWinner2.5
14/08/23Moonee Valley5Girl GuideWinner2.7
14/08/23Moonee Valley3Trust In A GustWinner3.7
14/08/23Moonee Valley2Count EncostaWinner2.3
14/08/23Moonee Valley1Afleet EspritWinner3.6
14/08/16Rosehill6Entirely PlatinumWinner1.9
14/08/16Rosehill1Forever CrazyWinner7.5
14/08/16Caulfield3Good ValueWinner10
14/08/16Caulfield1Spirit Of HeavenWinner4.6
14/08/09Randwick8I've Got The LooksWinner4.4
14/08/09Randwick7Target In SightWinner6.2
14/08/09Randwick6Sweet IdeaWinner4.4
14/08/09Randwick3Bouzy RougeWinner9.1
14/08/09Randwick2As NeededWinner2
14/08/09Randwick1Saigon TeaWinner2.3
14/08/09Flemington7Tiger TeesWinner2.9
14/08/09Flemington4Fontein RubyWinner5.5
14/08/09Flemington3Reckless AssassinWinner3
14/08/09Flemington1Couldn't AgreemoreWinner3.8
14/08/02Rosehill8Moral VictoryWinner4.4
14/08/02Rosehill7Rock SturdyWinner2.6
14/08/02Rosehill5He's Your ManWinner5.8
14/08/02Rosehill4Oakfield CommandsWinner6
14/08/02Rosehill2La VentaWinner2.5
14/08/02Rosehill1Press ReportWinner4.6
14/08/02Moonee Valley9Jessy BelleWinner2.45
14/08/02Moonee Valley8The CleanerWinner2.5
14/08/02Moonee Valley7Under The LouvreWinner3.2
14/08/02Moonee Valley3BackboneWinner5.3
14/08/02Moonee Valley2DigitalismWinner6.5

The tipsters

Top picks this season | 44 winners from 152 races | 8.3% profit to star stakes

Mark Worwood
Chief Intelligence Officer and lead tipster
Our team of horse racing analysts and tipsters have decades of international experience across the Sport of Kings.Lead tipster Woody is a product of the British Horseracing Authority’s graduate program. He spent five years at Racing Post in the United Kingdom before moving to Australia.

In Australia, Centrebet and Tom Waterhouse recruited Woody to help set up and build their bookmaking businesses, compile betting odds and frame betting markets.

Woody’s insights into horse racing and betting odds are incredible. Woody has jumped the fence to help us to help you to beat the bookies. Make sure you watch his videos.

Must-watch videos

Philosophies and methods for getting it right

Some do’s and don’ts when punting